Get Trained with an Accredited Cosmetic Tattooist

Dr Heidi (Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical) is an Australian Accredited Cosmetic Tattoo Artist who has been trained and qualified in Cosmetic Tattooing, Permanent Makeup, Microblading, skin needling, and non-surgical skin tightening with more than 10 years of experience. She has been known as the “Queen of Brows” because of her mysterious ability in sculpting and creating natural and tailored brows for her clients. While you can be confident about learning the cosmetic tattooing techniques from one of most eligible trainers in Australia with a long list of education degrees and certifications, keep in mind that Queen Brows courses are not accredited.

Gold Member of Australian Association of Cosmetic Tattoo (ACT)

Heidi is also among the nationally selected adroit cosmetic tattooing artists and masters who are proud members of Australian Association of Cosmetic Tattoo (ACT).

Officially Certified Trainer and Assessor in Australia

Heidi is among the few trainers who are officially eligible to run workshops and training courses in Australia, by holding Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Victorian Skills Gateway.

Practical-focused Learning

Our training strategy is mainly focused on Hands on Practice and working on Live Models. Heidi's way is to directly supervise and train students while they are working on live models, after she explains and performs the technique herself. You will work on 4 live models in our Gold Package, under direct supervision of Heidi. Nevertheless, all her courses include portions of theory presentations, hand-outs, and online courses (if applicable), in order to ensure her trainees are ready to join this market confidently.

Personalised One-on-One Training

Heidi’s passion is to educate students on the highest level of quality and support  and make them ready for the business or just be bold in what they are currently doing, based on their real needs. Heidi helps you choose the right training course, based on your current needs and level of experience. You can join a small group or take her One-on-One training courses.

Post Training Support

Heidi believes that trainees will need her advice and support the training course to gain enough confidence. That's why she provides 6 months support after the course for all her trainees.

Heidi's Academic Experience in Teaching and Training

Heidi is a university lecturer and familiar with top methods of teaching and education. Using her top level skills in teaching and training, our mission is to help you be the best version of you, in this industry. We will be clear with you, you can exactly expect what you are going to achieve at the end of each course.

Heidi's Been Trained with International Grand Masters

Heidi has been trained by international grand masters and she has been consistently updating her skills ever since she joined the beauty industry. She is actively sharing her ideas with international masters of this field by attending in international workshops and masterclasses.

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“If you are looking at studying Microblading, Queen Brows is the place to go!

I’ve done a lot of studying & course’s but Heidi by far is one of the best teacher’s. She is determined to make her student succeed and give you that extra attention, creating a warm & comfortable environment & takes pride in what she does as her attention to detail is phenomenal!

Heidi had so much confidence in me which allowed me to feel I can do this & do it well.
Even after the course has finished she still provided that support system & she is always there if I have any questions or need any further advice.

I would highly recommend Queen Brows!!”

Eleni Milionis

“I had my training done with Queen Brows at the start of this year and I can’t recommend them Highly enough! I took the gold package which has 4 different techniques. I am going to share a bit of my experience:

1-we had a lot of time where we had one to one training; Heidi spent a lot of time with each of us making sure that all our questions are answered and our techniques are right.

2-we had to bring 4 models one for each technique. We did not feel rushed; we took our time to plan, discuss with our client and Heidi to provide the service.

3-Queen Brows provides 6 months after training support which I found very helpful to start with. Also Heidi shares a great amount of the knowledge she has and she goes out of her way to help whenever she can.

At the end this course worth every penny I spent on it. Don’t hesitate to go to Queen Brows if you are looking for a place to learn microblading. Thank you Heidi and Ras for making the training a great experience!”

Betty Ghoson

“I flew to Melbourne in September to attend the Queen Brows four day brow tattooing course. After researching courses for months, I chose to train with Heidi after seeing her quality of work and dedication to this industry. After completing the course I was 100% confident to work on clients and launch my business. This is the training that I recommend to anyone and everyone looking for an academy. Thank you Heidi, see you again soon 😊”

Samantha K Brows


Ombre Brows Course
per fortnight
Microblading Course
per fortnight
Combination Brows Course
per fortnight
Lips Tattooing Course
per fortnight
Online Courses
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February 4th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne 

February 5 to 6th: Microblading Course - Melbourne

February 7th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne


April 27 to 28th: Microblading Course - Gold Coast

April 29th: Combination Brows Course - Gold Coast


May 13th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne 

May 14 to 15th: Microblading Course - Melbourne

May 16th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne


July 13 and 14th: Nano Ombré Brows Course - Melbourne

July 27 and 28th: Microblading Course - Melbourne 

July 29th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne 

July 30th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne 


August 16th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne  

August 17 and 18th: Microblading Course - Melbourne  

August 19th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne  

August 31 and September 1st: Microblading Course - Gold Coast

September 2nd: Combination Brows Course - Gold Coast

September 3rd: Powder Brows Course - Gold Coaste  


August 31 and September 1st: Microblading Course - Gold Coast

September 2nd: Combination Brows Course - Gold Coast

September 3rd: Powder Brows Course - Gold Coast  

September 14 and 15th: Microblading Course - Melbourne

September 16th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne

September 17th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne

September 28 to 30th: Nano Hair Strokes & Shading (Machine) Course - Melbourne 

September 29 and 30th: Advanced Nano Hair Strokes & Shading (Machine) Course - Melbourne 


October 1st: Kissable Lip Blush Course - Melbourne 


November 16 and 17th: Microblading Course - Melbourne 

November 18th: Combination Brows Course - Melbourne 

November 19th: Powder Brows Course - Melbourne 

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