Plasma Pen skin resurfacing is generally suitable for most people, [showhide type=”post” more_text=”Show more…” less_text=”Show less…”]as it is particularly effective at treating notoriously difficult-to-treat areas, namely around the eyes (periorbital) and around the mouth (perioral). It is also suitable for most skin types and textures, although there are some contraindications, which are listed below:

  1. If you have darker skin (Fitzpat­rick scale skin type 6)
  2. If your skin is prone to scarring/keloid scarring
  3. If you have any of the follow­ing: severe skin conditions, open wounds, severe acne, lupus, psori­asis or vitiligo
  4. If you have allergies or sensitivities to any of the products used during the treatment
  5. If you have a history of being treated with blood-thinning medications or gold therapy or if you have been taking Accutane in the last year.
  6. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding , immune-deficient or have any other auto-immune disorder
  7. People that have a pacemaker are NOT candidates for this treatment [/showhide]