Dr Heidi (Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical) is a lecturer in department of health and biomedical science at one of distinctive universities in Melbourne. Heidi is a nationally recognised trainer with more than 10 years of experience, running national and international workshops and advanced private training in all forms of cosmetic tattooing from Beginner to Advanced Courses and Scalp Micropigmentation throughout Australia and Middle East. She is also a member of Australian Association of Cosmetic Tattoo (ACT)

Heidi is very passionate about giving people a good feeling about themselves as well as their appearance. Heidi loves to use her creative mind to enhance people’s natural features in the most natural way. She loves creating simple, elegant, and timeless look for anyone at any age.

That’s the reason why she started with Cosmetic Tattooing in 2015, it was a basic and simple step towards enhancing face features, in a natural way. Heidi put all her effort into creating the most natural looking eyebrows, enhancing lash line to look fuller and darker,  and creating most natural full looking lips with a tint of colours.

Then she even went further, and looked for a way to add youthfulness to her intrinsic art.  She found “non-surgical face lift“ as an alternative solution that can create natural but enhanced-customised look, for anyone at any age. Her passion and her dream kept her knowledge and skills updated by attending international annual conferences and seminars regularly to bring new techniques and trends to Australia. 

Have a look at her masterpieces on “Gallery” of this website and then making a decision will be a piece of cake. You can book your free consultation with Heidi to find the best suitable options to enhance your natural look in a natural way.

Some of her certifications, achievements, and qualifications are as follows:

  • Advanced PhiLings Artist 2018
  • Certificate of Phi lings from Dr Vladimir Zec 2018
  • Certificate of Master Class from Branko Babic Academy 2018
  • Certificate of “Nano Brows” from Selen Shenalp 2017
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biomedical Science 2015
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Australia
  • Gold Membership in Australian Association of Cosmetic Tattoo (ACT)
  • Certificate in Design and Cosmetic Tattooing (SHBBSK003) - Accredited Australian Recognised Training Academy (RTO) 
  • Certificate of Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Certificate in Maintain Infection Control Standards (SHBBINF001)
  • Certificate in Advanced Designer Eyeliner Techniques
  • Certificate in Color Theory 
  • Certificate in Professional Makeup
  • Certificate in Face & Eyebrow Trimming - Skilled Certificate from State Technical & Vocational Training Organisation