You will be trained by Master Heidi Karimi from Queen Brows who shares her experience and tips and tricks

 Course Structure

2-Day Workshop including Kit and 6 months support from your Trainer

  • One on one, two-day live training (light lunch provided)
  • Queen Brows Kit
  • 6 Month support
  • Work on 1 model
  • One live demo from Heidi
  • 2 Styles

One-on-One including Kit and 6 Months online support

This is held at Queen Brows Academy in Balwyn North.

  • One-on-One, 2-day live workshop (fully catered)
  • Queen Brows Kit
  • 6 months support
  • One FREE consulting session with Heidi within 2 months of your training (45 min, Skype)
  • Consultation before course
  • Live demo by Heidi
  • Work on 2 models
  • Receive Queen brows lips colour guide

Course Highlights

  • No experience needed: If you are beginner or have basic experience in cosmetic tattooing, you are highly RECOMMENDED to choose our 2 Day Lip Tattoo training in which you will learn Lip liner, Lip liner & Blend, Full Lips, Ombre Lips Technique.


  • Two technique in one class: In Lips Tattooing workshop you will learn Full Lips and Ombre Lips Technique, in one class and perform one on a live model.


  • Work on 1 model: You will get the chance to work on one live model with supervision of Heidi as well as having 1 on 1 training time with her.


  • Small group of up to 6 people: Unlike being trained in big groups, you will have a lot of one-to-one training time with Heidi, that helps you digest the technique and enhance your skills.


  • Correct old Light Tattoo: Full Lips or Ombre Lips Tattooing technique is a perfect way to cover old faded tattoo.


  • A guided training manual: You will receive Queen Brows manual written by Heidi to assist you and remind you the points and the notes when you are at your own.
  • Certification of attendance upon completion of our 2-day course
  • 6-month Support and direct connection with Heidi through WhatsApp or Skype, helps lots of our students to be more confident and become independent after a while.

Course Outline in 2 Days Training

In the 2-day training, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Lips Tattooing
  • Colour Theory
  • Machine and needle configuration theory
  • Familiarisation with tools and devices used for the treatment and their working principles
  • Familiarisation and practice with different operating modes of the tools 
  • Hygiene and contraindications
  • How to set up your working area/ cleaning and disinfection
  • Client’s preparation and consultation
  • Before and after care instruction
  • How to draw and design Lips
  • How to choose and mix colours
  • Lip liner procedure
  • Lip liner and lip blend procedure
  • Full lips procedure
  • Ombre Lips procedure

Please consider that Basic Lip Tattooing does not cover Kissable Lips/Blush Lips as well as Dark Lips tattooing as it is considered an advanced technique